Experienced amateur astronomers can also rent dome and telescopes for their own observations.
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Have you ever had the opportunity to observe the crater-coated surface of the moon in high magnification, a planet of our solar system or a globular cluster in our Milky Way through a large telescope under the dark and crystal clear night sky of Namibia?

With us at Rooisand observatory we offer our guests this opportunity.

Since autumn 2013, one of the largest and most modern telescope for "public star gazing" in Namibia has been installed in our observatory dome.

We invite our guests to book a guided astronomical observation tour to explore the secrets of the Namibian Starry Sky.
Our observatory dome is located on a small hill, air line distance approximately 5 kilometers and 200 meters higher from the lodge. We usually drive up to the observatory after dinner with our farm car.

Our star gazing events start outside the dome with an observation with naked eye. There we show you with a powerful green laser first an overview of the constellations and their history, which are currently visible. You learn what stars actually are for objects and what sets them apart from the planets of the solar system. We explain why the stars have different colors and how you can use the constellation of the Southern Cross to determine the directions on earth and thus to orient yourself geographically.

Finally, we will tell you a little more about the distances in space of planets, stars and other objects in our galaxy.

Then follows the observations in the dome with our modern telescope. We show - depending on the season - 5 or 6 different objects from the solar system and - much further away - in our Milky Way.

Depending on the number of participants, the observation lasts about 2.5 hours and we would be happy to welcome YOU to our Rooisand Observatory.

Experienced amateur astronomers can also rent our observatory completely.

We offer African ambience for your family and for YOU as an amateur astronomer one of the most modern and largest amateur telescope under the crystal clear and dark Namibian sky.
To the observatory dome belongs - only 50m distance to the dome - a comfortable and fully equipped holiday home with two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms, large living room, kitchen and terrace. You can have a completely self catering up there, but if you wish you can also have your meals down at the lodge.
« Our observatory is (almost) fully equipped. The telescope configuration consists of (click here to see a larger pimage)
  • a Astro Physics GTO-1600 GoTo mount
  • a 17 Zoll PlaneWave Astrographen,
  • a 130mm Zeiss APQ refractor and
  • a 110mm TEC FL Widefield refractor.
The Planewave Astrograph has a primary focal length of 2.930 mm (f / 6.8), but can also be used with a Focal Reducer (0.8x, at f / 5.6 = 2.350mm). The Zeiss APQ has 1,000 mm and the TEC 620 mm focal length. For the TEC, a field-flattening optics is available.

On this page we show a number of DeepSky reference images, taken with our telescopes. Incidentally, the Planewave is also ideal for lunar and planetary observations despite the large obstruction of the main mirror by the secondairy.
click here to load a pdf-file with a current inventory of dome equipment.

What do you have to bring with you?

Of course, for visual observation you have to bring your favorite eyepieces (1¼ and / or 2 inches) and your special filters. For photographic observation we recommend to bring your laptop, a guiding camera and of course your camera (s) and filters.
Although there is a guiding SBIG ST-i in the dome, but a replacement camera is always recommended. In addition, for purely visual observations a Vixen 125mm double glass on a Baader tripod can be rented additionally.
Right next to the dome we have a small concrete platform with power connection on which stands a steel pier. On this a small motorized Vixen GP mount can be set up in a pol-adjusted way. Together with a small guiding scope, the mount can be used for wide angle shots of the Milky Way, constellations and or zodiacal light images.

Click on the thumbnails to load llarger images.

The following three pictures show views of the holiday home of the observatory. Left the house, middle view the kitchen and living room and right the terrace of the house. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.
If you are interested in renting the Rooisand Observatory, please contact us. Write us an email at [email protected] with your desired date and with how many people you want to come and we will make you an appropriate offer.

Rooisand location and arrival (pdf-file)
Rooisand Observatory - the slightly different amateur observatory in Namibia

Reference DeepSky, lunar and planet images, taken with the telescopes of the Rooisand Observatory

Inventory List Rooisand Observatory - pdf-file

Picture gallery  of setting up the equipment in 2013 – download pdf-file with description of the single pictures

Download Poster of assembly mount and telescopes

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